Get Your Google Analytics Audit

We'll put the spotlight on what's really going on with 
your website and digital marketing activities 

Check your Google Analytics account to make sure it has been setup correctly in terms of filters, conversions and linking.  We've seen many that are not properly setup and not providing true data.

Review your data reports, including audience, acquisition, behaviour and conversions, and see how you're tracking against all the right KPIs.

Advise you of the results and provide recommendations. We'll arrange a phone hookup with screenshare and show you through your account.  We'll explain the data and areas of concern, and provide a list of things to keep an eye on, and suggestions  for things you could do to improve results.

You'll have the data and knowledge you need to take control of your website and marketing future

Here’s what we will do for you:

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Annette Welsford

Owner of Commonsense Marketing, Annette has 30+ years experience in marketing small and medium businesses, predominantly in the services sector.  The Commonsense Marketing team use Google Analytics reports extensively  to evaluate client digital marketing activities and plan strategies to build traffic, improve website engagement, and increase results.  Annette and her wonderful team deliver the full range of done for you marketing services including websites, social media and email campaigns, SEM, SEO, customer retention programs and marketing mentoring.

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  • If your account is setup, connected and tracking correctly
  • Insights into your website visitors (age, gender, location)
  • Proof of which pages they spend their time on, and where they don't.  Where they arrive, where they leave.
  • Analysis of how they found your site, including keywords, social media and referrals from other sites.
  • Details of conversions, what type, and from what page.
  • A list of recommendations on what you could do to increase traffic from the right people, keep them on your site longer, and improve conversions (enquiries).

Since engaging Annette at Commonsense Marketing to help us with our website and digital marketing, we've been able to stop paying for expensive Google Adwords ads altogether and we're booked out for months.

Love the new website design and layout. We are getting more traffic, we’ve doubled our bookings and had lots more reviews.  Annette keeps a close eye on Analytics and helps us implement changes and strategies to keep improving results.

Louise  and Craig Kraudelt

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Only $95

Includes full audit, one-on-one phone consultation with review of audit findings and recommendations for your site and marketing.

Tracey Fearn and Bryan Martin

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