Knowledge is power…

Interested in learning more about marketing? Why not invest in one or more of our marketing products and fast track your understanding and results.

Knowledge is power…


How to Get More Customer Referrals

This recently published 44 page ebook is packed with practical ideas for getting more referrals in your business, without constantly having to pester your customers. The 12 key strategies you will learn are very easy to do and really do work. We have implemented them in our business and for many clients, with excellent results.

You’ll discover how to get referrals offline and online, and how to implement a referral system, so it happens over and over again.


30 Crucial Elements for a Great Website

You only have 6 seconds to entice website visitors to stay on your website. If you haven’t captured their attention in 6 seconds, they will hit the back button and be off. If you’re not getting the amount of leads or sales you want, then your website is probably the reason why.

In our 29 page ebook 30 Crucial Elements for a Great Website you will receive full details of the 30 elements to check on your site and why, as well as examples and recommendations. Use our checklist at the end and put your website through it to see if it meets the golden rules. You’ll soon see what needs fixing.