3 Ways to Build Trust Online

3 Ways to Build Trust Online

Do you trust people you’ve never met?

If you’re choosing a product or service for the first time – how do you know which company you can trust?

You can’t.

What you’ll probably do is conduct some online and offline research – find out what you can about the company, the owners, and what other people think of them.

And this is exactly what people do when they look at your business.

Does This Frustrate You?

… You know you’re better than most of your competitors.

… Your current customers love what you‘ve done for them.

…If only more prospects would see that you’re the best choice and give you a go!

I’m sure you’ve felt this frustration. It’s something we all experience at some point. Maybe every day!

What people want to know before they contact you is –

  • can you fix their problem?
  • can they trust you?

97% of people now go online to look for a product or service and part of their research includes looking at websites, social media and review sites.

Most websites address question 1 quite well. There’s lots of information about what the company provides. Very few address question 2 properly – and that is the key to improving “conversions”. Gain trust.

How Do You “Reduce Risk” And Gain Trust?

There are several ways. And in this article we’re going to focus on 3 key ways you can build trust online. There are also some powerful offline strategies you can be using, which will be covered in a separate article.

1. Use Testimonials and Reviews

You can talk till the cows come home about how great your business is, but it won’t have the impact of reviews or testimonials written by previous customers. People are looking for social proof that you do what you say.

Well-structured testimonials from satisfied customers are a great way to eliminate anxiety and build trust.

Reviews are also important. Your business should be listed on the most popular review websites, and you should have a proactive system in place to encourage your customers to leave reviews.

2. Show your personality

Putting a face to the business can encourage trust online. People will do business with people they like, with people they feel they know. Include an About Us page on your site, complete with photographs and perhaps a video of you and your staff.

One of our plumbing clients captured the attention from a wealthy developer who now gives him regular work. The developer confided that he was drawn to the integrity and family values that he saw on our client’s About Us page, and that was the main reason he called him.

Convey the personality of your brand through your writing style. Write conversational content, as if you are talking to a friend.

3. Keep Your Website and Social Media Pages Up to Date

If people visit your website or social media profile and see that you last posted an article in 2013, they might think your business has closed! Update your blog, your specials pages, your images, your services/product pages and your social media pages to show you are active. The more current, helpful and generous you are with your information – the more credibility and authority you will gain as being an expert in your field.

Building trust online is vital to the success of your business. Our very popular Commonsense Marketing Ultimate Trust System gives you all the tools, marketing assets and training you need to gain the trust of prospects so they choose you over your competitors.

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