Will your email marketing campaigns survive the massive changes in February 2024?

February 2024 marks a turning point in email marketing. Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL are rolling out major updates aimed at creating a safer, spam-free experience for users.

While this is fantastic news for inbox sanity, it throws a curveball at businesses who rely on email marketing.

What's Changing?

  • Stricter Authentication Protocols: DMARC, SPF, and DKIM will become mandatory for email senders, ensuring greater accountability and reducing spoofing.
  • Enhanced Spam Filters: AI-powered filters will become even more adept at sniffing out suspicious content and sender behaviour.
  • User-Centric Controls: Users will have more granular control over their inboxes, potentially impacting unsubscribe rates and open rates.

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

  • Lower Email Deliverability: Unprepared senders face the risk of landing in spam folders or having emails blocked altogether.
  • Increased Compliance Burden: Implementing the new authentication protocols requires technical expertise to get the changes done correctly.
  • Shifting Engagement Strategies: You'll need to adapt your email content and campaigns to cater to user preferences and avoid triggering spam filters.
  • Regular Maintenance:  You’ll need to keep your email database “clean” and compliant with the new rules, to maintain maximum email deliverability.


Yes, please help me comply so I can keep my email marketing active.

Get Your Email Sorted Out Now

For many business owners, this update is a big challenge.  Don’t worry, we can take care of it for you with our Email Tech Update and Review which includes:

  • Review your CRM configuration and ensure your sender settings, email lists, and authentication protocols comply with the upcoming changes.
  • Make the required DKIM updates to your Domain Management account.
  • Suggest best practices that will optimise your email content and delivery methods to maximise deliverability and engagement.
  • Review your campaigns and automations to see if there’s any quick wins or opportunities you’re missing out on, which could improve your results.

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