Business Owners – see what’s really going on with your marketing, and find out how to make it work harder to achieve better results in 2023

Join us for a FREE LIVE WEB EVENT where we show you behind the scenes of websites and marketing campaigns, so you know if your marketing agency or web managers have been truthful, or been conning you.

Tuesday, 13th December 2022
10:00 AM Brisbane QLD, Australia


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Annette Welsford Marketing Consultant

CEO, Commonsense Marketing

Who is the Web Event for?

Business owners - are you throwing money into Social Media Ads, SEO Campaigns, Google Ads, Blogposts, Newsletters, Emails, Videos – on top of your Marketing Agency’s fees, but you’re not really sure what’s working - and what’s not?

During our free Web Event, we’ll peel back the curtains and reveal all.  We’ll give you the questions to ask your agency or marketing consultant, and show you what kind of information you should be receiving.

We believe total transparency is essential.  Here’s some of the questions we’ll answer, so you know what’s going on.

1. How can I double check my marketing results myself?

Do you receive in-depth reports every week or month showing you how much traffic your website receives, which marketing campaigns got them there and which campaigns achieved the best conversions (leads or sales?) We’ll show you where to check this critical information yourself, and how to use it to make marketing decisions.

2. How do I know if my SEO has been done properly?

A staggering 7 out of 10 clients who have come to us in the past 3 years have previously paid for SEO services, but when we conducted an indepth audit, we found most had not been done properly, and some had not been done at all!  We’ll show you how to review your website’s SEO and explain what to look for so you understand SEO fully.

3. How much does a new customer cost me? Whats my ROI?

Learn exactly how to track and calculate your customer acquisition cost and your Return on Investment rate for each type of marketing that you do.  You might get a pleasant surprise, or a bit of a shock.  But you’ll leave knowing exactly what to do going forward. Pure gold!

4. How can I get more leads and sales in 2023?

We’ll share our secrets about the best marketing assets, systems, tools and strategies that you need to have in place to attract more customers and make more money from your marketing efforts.  We’ll also provide tips on things you need to be doing in 2023.

Free bonuses

For everyone who attends

We want to make sure you leave the event armed with lots of knowledge, and the ability to start tracking your marketing effectiveness immediately.  So we're giving away two of the powerful tools we use, which we will show you during the Event. We normally only give these to our clients, but we’re happy to give them as gifts to every attendee.

At the end of our Web Event, you’ll be armed with the knowledge you need to understand and get full transparency over your marketing, and make more money in 2023

Annette Welsford Marketing Consultant

Who is Annette?

Annette has worked in the marketing field for more than 40 years and is passionate about helping small business owners to thrive and grow a profitable sustainable business. Throughout her career, she has consulted with, trained, and supported hundreds of businesses, from start-ups to large multinational companies, but she has found that helping small businesses is her real passion.

The talented Commonsense in-house team of designers, webmasters, copywriters, SEO specialists and social media marketers, is dedicated to helping every client achieve amazing results, and be kept informed along the way.  We believe that business owners deserve to know the truth at all times.


Free Live Web Event

Tuesday, 13th December 2022
10:00 AM Brisbane QLD, Australia

Free Live Web Event Countdown

For around 18 months we had been with another Digital Marketing Company and found it very frustrating with the lack of communication and marketing direction, enough was enough and after reaching out to a couple of digital marketers came across CommonsenseMarketing.
They have been a breath of fresh air and even though our working relationship is yet young we have seen a clear strategy and great communication with instant results to match.

Thanks Annette and all the team at Commonsense Marketing it is nice to see someone passionate about their clients growth and success.

anthony davies

Managing Director, Zipsheets

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