How to Increase Customer Referrals

Did you know that a referral generates 80% more results than a cold call and most people you meet have around 200 contacts?

If you’re like most businesses today – you rely on referrals. They are the best possible source of new business you can have – for many reasons.

A study of over 1,000 small business owners found that more than half of SMBs say customer referrals have given them the biggest boost in business – more than social networking sites, meeting people at events and personal relationships. A majority (78%) say they’ve asked for a recommendation and nearly 60 percent have given one online. Moreover, nearly one-third of small business owners say they have reviewed recommendations before selecting a new supplier or business partner.

Manta, 2012

Answer This . . .

Are you getting your share?

How to Increase Customer ReferralsIf you provide an excellent product or deliver a great service, then no doubt you have a good reputation and your customers love you.

So, are all  your customers referring you?

If not, why not?

Your customers are very busy people and their thoughts about your business and the benefits and value you give them will be low priority. After all there are thousands of businesses like yours and they have a choice.

I’ve worked with hundreds of companies over the years and one of my first questions is “do you have a strategy or program in place to ensure your customer refer you?”

Nearly all look at me blankly and sheepishly confess that they do not.

How Do You Get More?

It’s all revealed in my new ebook . .

How to Ensure Your Business is Referred 365 Days a Year

  • 12 great ways to get more referrals
  • How to generate referrals from customers who’ve never given you a referral before
  • How to ensure your customers keep giving you referrals
  • How to get referrals online – and where
  • The one vital step you must always do
  • How to setup a referral system

44 pages of ideas and step by step implementation instructions.

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We were getting the occasional referral, but now with Annette’s referral process in place we get at least 12 good quality referrals a month and it’s growing.

How to Increase Customer Referrals

Louise Kraudelt, Kraudelt Painting, Brisbane

Best book I have read in the last 4yrs

I started to read it at 12pm – its 1.34 am, and i just finished reading it, I could not put it down as i had to read it to the end as there is so much information and helpful advice in it to set up campaign’s to get more clients, this book is the best book i have read in the last 4yrs of business ownership and i will be implementing a lot of the ideas into my business. Thank you Annette excellent book worth every cent i paid for it,

How to Increase Customer Referrals

John Gallo, Green n Squeaky Kleen Cleaning Services, Wollongong

How to Increase Customer Referrals

How to Increase Customer Referrals

How to Increase Customer ReferralsImplement just one of the 12 great suggestions and the book is well and truly paid for when you receive your next referral.

This is one of the cheapest yet best investments you will ever make in your business!
Grow your business faster by getting your customers working to promote you.

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