Successful business entrepreneur Jan Reeves had a vision, to help as many business owners as possible to become cash flow positive and overcome their fears of asking clients to settle overdue debts.

She has had extraordinary success in this field, however she wasn’t sure about all the steps involved in implementing her goal to launch an online course.  Although she already had a website and online course developed, neither were working effectively to attract, keep and convert prospects into paying customers.

We worked closely with Jan to identify the issues with the website, the course and the missing elements in the process from end to end.  Our solution included:

  • A new website that properly showcased her expertise and successes
  • A lead magnet, landing page and follow-up funnel to build relationships with her prospects
  • Redevelopment of the online course layout and presentation to simplify delivery
  • Systems to integrate all the elements and facilitate automation
  • Processes to capture feedback and testimonials
  • SEO to assist with getting found for all the right keywords
  • Social Media Promotions to reach her target audience

The result is a website, online course and marketing system that functions beautifully and has seen a steady flow of sales within a couple of weeks of launching.

Jan is a delightful person to work with, and has developed an amazing course that really works, as many of her clients have testified to.  If you need help with getting paid on time, every time, without ever losing a customer – check out

Since a colleague recommended Annette and Common Sense Marketing to me in November 2017,  Annette and her team have been helping me get my eCourse ready for launch and sale.

Step-by-step, under Annette’s guidance and with her knowledge and expertise, they have built a lovely new website to showcase and sell my course.  She helped me reconfigure the layout and presentation of my course so that it easy to follow, coached me in writing and video scripting, setup a complex email funnel to build relationships, and created several Facebook campaigns to promote it.  At every step of the way, Annette has given me options to consider, then guided me to a decision which her team has then delivered.

My prospect list has expanded and we have now started making sales and I’m absolutely delighted! For an IT illiterate, ‘would be’ online guru, Annette’s skills and fun-loving personality have made what can be a nightmare into a much easier and much more enjoyable project.

Jan Reeves

Jan Reeves