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The Tough Floors team creates stunning epoxy flooring finishes for homes, garages, commercial and retail spaces. All preparation done properly, work guaranteed.

Brisbane based epoxy flooring specialists Tough Floors had a website and had tried a number of different marketing strategies.  Director Euan Bennett had hired several marketing consultants to provide marketing services to achieve growth objectives, but wasn’t’ happy with the results or services provided.

Tough Floors

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I started with Annette from Common Sense Marketing in September 2018. Previously, we were turning over marketing companies, on average, one per year for the previous four years. At first, marketing was viewed as a necessary resource that added no monetary value to the company. Kind of like a burden. This changed.

Annette asked a lot of questions to ascertain where the company sits regarding knowledge, market share and direction. She then got to work and set us up on numerous platforms so we had a larger digital footprint. It was a bit overwhelming but as with anything new, you adjust, trust and embrace if it’s good. It started with a website overhaul where Annette created a ‘mirror’ system to ensure that any changes that are made can be viewed in a live format, without having to exit the changes then view them live on the internet. Big tick. The website was optimised and, not only was the current situation considered but also the longer term organic reach and target market.

There are plenty of conversations along the way. It’s what makes for a long-lasting relationship of win/win. I’ve discovered, as we’ve grown, that Annette has done small things that I have not known about or if she told me, I’ve forgotten. It’s important to have a base level of understanding to ensure we are tracking well with spend versus results. We are.

Annette also has an online marketing education program that I have been invited to. This platform is a whole new level and ensures that many facets of the business are being harmonised. This program helps me to ensure I have a serious marketing business based on thought, small business mindset and professional growth. She fills me with ideas and areas of improvement the business needs to implement. The ideas sometimes get me nervous and we have had plenty of ‘discussions’ about why something will or won’t work. If we thought the same or had the same ideas, the impact would be smaller but Annette has workable solutions and spends the time to outline why they will work and the bigger picture around the ideas.

I couldn’t be more excited to be in partnership with any other marketing firm. She has a team of professionals that are thorough with their individual roles in helping Tough Floors be as well placed as we can be in the market and continue to grow.

Euan Bennet

Euan Bennett

Director, Tough Floors