We were delighted when a highly successful entrepreneur contacted us with the brief to create develop a digital marketing eco-system for his latest venture.

He had opened a strata management business and had some success, but was unhappy with the website and marketing efforts.  He wanted to build the brand to become known and respected for the right values, and a marketing system which would generate enquiries from the desired market segments.

We worked closely with Allan Clair and his team at Tower Body Corporate to pinpoint how they were different from other strata management companies, and to reflect those key differences in all marketing collateral and communications.

Work undertaken included:

  • Complete redesign of the old website to something modern, fresh and easy to navigate
  • Complete rewrite of all copy to reflect client needs and to bring to life the Tower Body Corporate story, values and team
  • Design of new social media and presentation assets to reflect the new messaging and design
  • Development of a CRM system to aid follow-up, and newsletters to keep clients up to date with strata topics

Since the launch of the new website and marketing assets, we have continued to provide the TBC team with marketing services including SEO, social media, and client communication campaigns.

We’re thrilled to see a 3000% increase in website traffic within 6 months of launching the new site; a growing stream of enquiries each month; and client confirmation that they’ve secured several new contracts.