Marketing Services for Business Owners Who Want Better Results

We provide a suite of marketing services for SMEs, and at the core of every service is developing your know how and skills so that you can build your business quickly and sustainably.

When we work with you, we help you gain clarity around your uniqueness and your best opportunities. We help you build your brand and your business to exceed your goals and become an authority in your marketplace.

Marketing services we provide for business owners include:

Marketing Mentoring and Implementation

When you’re faced with a myriad of confusing Marketing Mentoring choices on what to do, many people feel overwhelmed.  You’re not alone!  Most business owners feel this way about marketing.  There’s so many so called “experts” that provide conflicting advice – most of it totally wrong.

Our mentoring clients place high value in having someone (they can trust) to talk to.  Someone to answer all their questions, put them on the right track, keep them motivated and focused.  But we take it one step further.  We develop a detailed marketing plan and implementation plan together, so stuff gets done.  This is not academic training in marketing – but a proven process which

1. fast tracks your knowledge so you make the right decisions
2. fast tracks implementation so you start achieving results quickly


Web Design

website designHaving a website is essential.  If you don’t have a website, people these days think you’re either unprofessional or don’t exist!  Having a website that is a lot more than just a pretty online brochure is crucial.

We design sites that differentiate you, showcase your expertise and, most importantly – generate leads. We ensure that visitors have a great user experience, explore your site, find it easy to use and feel compelled to take action.  We do the graphic design, the build, the copywriting and the integration with email systems and social media. Oh, and we also optimise your site so it gets indexed by Google and displays correctly on tablets and mobile phones.

Effective Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways ever to communicate and build your relationship with your prospects and clients.  The secrets of effective email marketing are to

a) use a good email marketing service

b) plan your campaigns and

c) follow our five tips.

We can help with setting it all up properly and show you how to create and send newsletters and automated email sequences.

We also provide “done for you” newsletter services if you don’t have the time or skills to do it yourself.


Social Media Services

Using Social Media platforms to find customers, build relationships and generate leads and sales is a must these days.  February 2016 stats for Australian social media usage –

Social MediaFacebook – 15,000,000
YouTube – 14,100,000
Instagram – 5,000,000
LinkedIn – 3,750,000
Twitter – 2,800,000

And if you have a B2B business (Business to Business) note that approximately 55% of B2B buyers search for product or vendor information on social media.

We provide a range of social media services including setup, training and done for you social media updates and campaigns.