Google Analytics

Google Analtyics reports are the prime method of tracking your website visitors, behaviour and conversions.  It is vital that the reports are setup correctly to ensure you receive the data you need to accurately track progress and make crucial marketing decisions.

Here’s what you need to do – or we can do it for you (see below)

Step 1 – GA Setup.  Ensure Google Analytics has been setup correctly on your website, is connected to Google Search and is tracking correctly.

Step 2 – Conversion tracking.  Ensure conversions have been setup correctly to track form optins and phone calls from your site.  These are the two key measurements of lead generation and a “must have” for all service businesses.

Step 3 – Remove spam referrals.  Are you sick to death of seeing masses of fake referrers in your Google Analytics reports?  So are we.  It’s an epidemic that has affected the accuracy of just about every website owners’ Google Analytics reports.  What’s the point of having these tracking reports if you can’t rely on their accuracy?

Google Analytics referral spam

Referral spam from one of our websites affects accuracy of Google Analytics reporting

Fortunately there are several things which can be done to filter out spam referrals from historical data, and block them from appearing in future.  It’s an ongoing task though, because as soon as you block one referrer’s fake referrals website, they open up another.

If you’d like learn more about what referral spam is, how it affects your Google Analytics reports, and how to remove it -see our post Referral Spam Removal from Google Analytics

We’ll Do it For You

We provide a Google Analytics Setup and maintenance service for website owners who value accurate Google Analytics reporting, but don’t have the technical skills or time to keep on top of it.

Our team will review your Google Analytics setup – or set it up for you from scratch. We will also remove spam referral data from historical reports, and keep your Google Analytics account clean going forward to block the latest spammers. (There can be 20 to 30 new ones spring up every month)

We provide two packages:

Standard Package

The Standard Google Analytics Package involves

-Ensure Google Analytics is added to your website

– Connect and review Search Console setup

– Setup two conversions to track calls, form completions

– Setup of  400 filters for known spammers

Update of your .htaccess files

Creation of segment for historical reports

We then keep the filters and segment filtering up to date every two weeks to keep new spammers blocked and your reports accurate

Setup:  A$250

Monthly maintenance fee: A$7

Order Standard  

Premium Package

Our Premium Google Analytics Package includes

Standard Google Analytics Package

– Provide report on Google indexing status, broken links, Google recommendations

Hosting of your wordpress site (click here to view full details of our hosting packages)

2 full website hosting backups each month

Update of all plugins every month to maintain security against hacking

Setup:  A$250

Monthly hosting/maintenance fee: A$35 (Basic hosting package; contact us if you would prefer one of our other hosting packages)

Order Premium

Note:  fees include GST for Australian customers.