About Annette Welsford

Annette Welsford has extensive experience in web design, online and offline marketing, customer loyalty marketing, branding and direct marketing. She regularly speaks at events on a variety of marketing topics and has delivered many indepth technical sessions on website development and online marketing topics.
She has authored and published 4 books to an audience exceeding 11000 in 88 countries.
Before starting Commonsense Marketing she worked in senior marketing roles for transport, manufacturing, retail and internet marketing companies.
Unlike many “marketing consultants”, Annette has created several of her own successful offline and online businesses – and so has hands on experience as well as theoretical knowledge. She majored in Marketing when completing her Masters of Business Administration at the University of Southern Qld and holds a Diploma in Direct Marketing from Monash University.

“When you engage someone to help you with your business – you want assurance that they know what they’re doing, have a good track record and have integrity. You want to work with someone you can trust.

I’ve been providing marketing services for a range of business for around 30 years. I’ve worked for tiny start-ups to large multinational companies, in a variety of service, retail and manufacturing industries. No matter what the size of company or the industry – there’s a few key principles that work for everyone – if done well.

  1. Building customer trust and loyalty is the best investment of your time and money that you will ever make
  2. Your business is all about delivering what your customers need and want. Not about selling whatever it is you offer.
  3. To be successful for the long term, you must be different and better than your competitors.

There are many people around who claim to be “marketing experts”. They’ve done a course, learned web design, email marketing or SEO and all of a sudden they’re a genius. I am embarrassed and frustrated by some of the dreadful marketing campaigns that unsuspecting business owners hand over substantial money for.

When choosing a marketing company – ensure they do all of the following:

  • Help you set the right sort of goals
  • Set strategies designed to meet your goals
  • Develop campaigns to attract new customers
  • Most importantly – develop strategies and campaigns to build loyalty and keep your customers coming back for the long term
  • Provide strategies and campaigns to create lots of referrals
  • Provide an analysis of the campaigns and and results so you know what worked what didn’t.
  • Provide proof of results they’ve achieved for others.

Your marketing is very important as it is the public face of your company. Make sure it doesn’t misrepresent you. Make sure you get results. ”

Annette Welsford
Founder: Commonsense Marketing

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