The Extraordinary Results You
Could Enjoy in Your Business
When SEO is Done Properly

The Extraordinary Results You Will Enjoy in Your Business When SEO is Done Properly

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Every business would like to be found on the first page of Google for their most important keywords.

This is the Ultimate Prize, because 98% of people search online for products and services.

Getting onto page one IS achievable, if the SEO strategy is done properly and consistently over time.

It will make an enormous difference to the number of website visitors, and to your leads and sales.

Yes, you can get found on page 1 immediately if you pay for Google Ads, but it can get quite expensive (depending on your industry).  The ultimate goal is to be found in the “free” listings – those below the ads.

Here’s just two of many examples of how we’ve helped our clients reach the ultimate prize.

google search

Trade business totally dominates Google searches

We have helped this tradie client achieve extraordinary results in just two years.

  1. Ranking higher than Bunnings (and all other competitors) for a range of flooring related keywords.
  2. Ranks on page 1 of Google search results for 479 keywords
  3. Getting nearly 5,000 visits to the website every month, a 75% increase in traffic in just 12 months.

This has all been achieved through our SEO strategy, and has had a big impact on growing his business, as most of his leads and sales have come from organic website visitors.

a. Beating Bunnings in Google search results!

b. 479 keywords on Page 1 of Google searches

c. 75% increase in organic website visitors

Wholesaler doubles online sales

We rebuilt an old-fashioned, non-performing Prestashop ecommerce site into a modernWordpressWoocommerce site for a wholesaler, and used only SEO strategies to build traffic and help him achieve these results.

  1. Sales increase of 116% in just 12 months
  2. 32% increase in website visitors in last 6 months
  3. A 660% increase in backlinks
  4. Ranking for over 5000 keywords

a. Sales and orders doubled in 12 months

b. 32% increase in website visitors

c. 660% increase in backlinks in just 2 years

wwspares wayne butterworth

“I’ve had more website sales in the last 6 weeks than in the last 12 years! I don’t know what you’ve done, but it’s gone through the roof. Please thank all your team.

Since engaging Commonsense Marketing to help us with our website and marketing, we have had a lot more customer  inquiries, and more customers walking in off the street as they  have found WWSpares in a google search. Since teaming up with Commonsense Marketing my search ranking and keywords are now ahead of my competitors and I would highly recommend anyone looking for a new website or looking for better results in their SEO campaign to contact Commonsense Marketing..”

Wayne Butterworth,

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4 key “Secrets” to achieving SEO rankings on page 1

Whether you just want to show up in Google for searches in your local area (eg: "Marketing Agency in Logan") or you want to be found Australia-wide for specific keyword searches, the follow four steps are essential.

1 First and foremost – be careful who you choose to do your SEO

Most Australian SEO Companies, Marketing Agencies and Web Developer outsource the SEO work to people in third world countries.  We know, because we made the mistake of using a couple of well-known Australian SEO companies in the past, before we started providing it inhouse.  And we’ve seen the work that has been done by other agencies and website companies on some of our clients’ sites, before they came to us to fix the problems.

The messes we have had to clean up have been awful.  Not only were the websites not properly optimised, the added content was written in pidgin English, the technical SEO had not been done, many of the backlinks were “no follow” or toxic and had to be removed, and so much more.

Bad SEO does more damage than no SEO at all.   We only follow white hat techniques, and do it all in house with our highly experienced team.

2 Have an SEO Plan that meets Google’s needs

The main key to achieving SEO success is understanding what Google is looking for and why.  In a nutshell – it’s delivering quality content that is relevant and very helpful to people when they perform a search in Google.

There are over 150 criteria that the Google Algorithms use to determine which sites will end up on page 1 of search results.  The latest Google algorithm update focuses on rewarding “people first” content.  The previous one focused on visitor experience and looked at mobile speed, navigation, popups and more.  Every algorithm update is focused on improving the searchers experience, and assesses which sites meet their criteria, and which don’t.

It’s essential to not only know what to do to meet Google’s criteria, but to develop a plan to address the criteria, and to implement it correctly and continuously.

3Undertake indepth research

Doing solid research into keyword search volumes, competitor keyword rankings and keyword opportunities is an essential step in the whole process, so that you are not guessing what people search on.  We all think and search differently!

Some keywords will take years to rank for because they are highly competitive, others you could rank for within months if the SEO strategy is done correctly.  Same goes for research backlinks to get the right ones.

We use a variety of paid tools to do our research to ensure we know what keywords to use, where to get quality backlinks, to keep up to date with trends, and to see what our client’s competitors are doing.

SEO strategies and tactics need to be honed constantly, to stay ahead in rankings.

4Commit to the SEO process

There’s no such thing as fast SEO.  It takes the Google algorithms awhile to index your site and understand what it’s about, compare it to all the others and track how people behave on your site.

There are many things we do to help move up the rankings, but they must be done steadily, month after month.  Any attempts to game the system, (and there’s many methods that unscrupulous SEO companies employ to do this) will be identified by Google and your rankings in search engines will nose dive.

We suggest a minimum of 12 months commitment to SEO, and we use only white hat compliant SEO strategies.  That is why we’ve been able to achieve such great results for our clients.

Don’t lag behind your competitors. Play the SEO game to be better, a lot better.

The reality is that no-one visits page 2 of search results.

Businesses who commit to quality SEO strategies, will win in the end and for a long long time. Winning means absolutely dominating Google for your industry and important keywords, and staying up there on page 1. This is what drives traffic to your site, and generates leads & sales, and puts money in your cashflow.

Get a Free SEO Audit and SEO Plan for Your Business

To create the best report for you, we need the following information about your business

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