The marketing process we use to develop marketing that works hard to achieve your goals


The difference between Commonsense Marketing and the millions of “Web Designers and Digital Experts” out there, is that we insist on getting to know you, your marketplace, and your clients’ true needs, before we even attempt to recommend marketing strategies and prepare a proposal.

Our clients love our five-step marketing process, because it helps them gain clarity around their business and real aspirations; delivers a plan that is aligned with achieving their goals, and provides an implementation methodology that makes sense.



The first step is designed to make you think deeply about your vision, what perception your brand gives, your ideal clients, how you’re different to your competitors; and most importantly - the goals you want to achieve. Once clarity is achieved, we provide a detailed marketing plan, budget and implementation schedule.



During the creation phase we help you tell the story of you, your brand, and your products/services so that your ideal clients will find you irresistible. We design or redesign your assets or systems, (website, social media pages, email marketing, print materials); develop the functionality, and test, test, test.



Once all our QC testing is completed, we launch your new website, marketing assets and systems into the stratosphere. We create a launch plan to announce you to search engines, the social media world, your existing contacts and clients, and if required - to targeted media. This is the exciting phase!



We use a variety of marketing strategies to connect with your ideal clients, including Google and social media advertising, search engine optimisation, lead magnets, email marketing and social media posting. Every business is different, so promotional strategies depend on industry, competition and desired outcome.



We monitor key metrics, tweak your content and campaigns to improve results, and keep a steady supply of enquiries and repeat business coming in. We can also take care of your website, hosting, security and functionality so it continues to work correctly 24/7. See website care packages for full details.