AI Overview: A Look at Google’s Latest AI-Powered Search Feature

Generative AI in Search

Generative AI in search is all about improving the user experience and providing more search engine traffic to website publishers, according to Google. This article takes a closer look at Google’s new search engine innovations, discovering the advantages and the potential impact on the user experience, businesses and website owners.

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Is Your SEO Strategy Outdated? 3 Ways to Adapt to Google Algorithm Updates

Google algorithm updates

Google regularly updates its algorithm throughout the year to ensure the search engine provides the best possible experience to people searching on specific keywords. Top-quality, relevant and reliable results are the desired outcome of each update. In 2023, Google algorithm updates prioritised relevance, quality and the user experience. Google rewarded websites with the highest rankings…

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How Google and Yahoo are Fighting Email Spam

DomainKeys Identified Mail

Every year we see changes in the online space. In February 2024, Google and Yahoo have both committed to the positive step of reducing email spam and phishing emails. How?  Through something called DomainKeys Identified Mail (DIKM). The two tech giants are implementing changes to improve email deliverability and filter out annoying spam. While plans…

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Business card or book: which has the most impact?


When you attend networking events, what do you do with the pile of business cards you receive? Do you go back to the office, shove them in a drawer, and never glance at them again until you need to do a clear-out? You wouldn’t be alone, with one study suggesting that a whopping 88% of…

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