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You only have 6 seconds to entice website visitors to stay on your website. If you haven't captured their attention in 6 seconds, they will hit the back button and be off.

Your Website Content, Design and Functionality will Impact Your Results

If you're not getting the amount of leads or sales you want, then your website is probably the reason why. Check your Google Analytics reports for these important indicators:

  • bounce rate above 50%?
  • time on site is less than 1 minute?
  • pages visited is under 2?

Results like these indicate that your site needs fixing. Providing the right content, in the right place in the right way is crucial for getting a constant flow of enquiries or sales.

In our 29 page ebook 30 Crucial Elements for a Great Website you will receive full details of the 30 elements to check on your site and why, as well as examples and recommendations. Use our checklist at the end and put your website through it to see if it meets the golden rules. You'll soon see what needs fixing.

Website CriteriaAnnette Welsford and her team at Commonsense Marketing have built lead generating websites for many businesses in Australia and the UK.

"Many business websites are no more than just online brochures. They don’t work hard for the business. We know what it takes to attract visitors to your site, engage them and get them to take action. Your website is your shopfront to the world, and it needs to work hard for you 24/7. We develop sites from a marketing perspective, not just a web design perspective."


Tracey and Bryan

Motel Oasis

"When we bought this business we inherited a really old website and we wanted a new modern one. Several web designers we looked at just used a template and all the sites looked the same. After looking at other local businesses websites, we came across one we really liked – designed by Commonsense Marketing. Love the new design and layout, we are getting more traffic and we’ve doubled our bookings and had lots more reviews."


Andrew Gray

Need an Electrician

"When I first approached you, my website was an embarrassment, I was throwing money down the google drain and had no idea. Now the website not only looks great but it actually works and we are getting enquiries and our bounce rate has dropped from 87% down to 38%."