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After years of relying on word of mouth for new projects, Richard knew it was time to get a website so he had a new source of leads, and a modern and efficient way of showcasing previous work, instead of lugging around a folder of photos.

A humble and shy man, Richard has many years of experience and an enviable reputation as a high-quality builder who specialises in renovations and extensions, and is supported by a very loyal and talented team.

We worked through our marketing process to clarify the unique value that Richard and his team provide.  The new website not only showcases their beautiful work, but provides a lot of valuable advice and tips, so that potential renovators get a true feel for the process and potential issues, and  understand what to look out for when choosing a builder.

When it came to showcasing their work, it was inspiring to see that their clients were more than happy to provide photos and testimonials to support his new site, because they were so delighted with what RMW Built had achieved for them.

The work we undertook for Richard included:

  • Brand development
  • Design, copywriting, development, SEO and management of the new website
  • An ebook which helps home owners to understand and prepare for the renovation process
  • A CRM email system and email campaign to build relationships

It was an absolute delight working with Richard and his team.   If you’re looking for a fussy, conscientious and cheerful builder to undertake your renovation work – check out the RMW Built website.

RMW Built

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We have run a house renovation business for over 20 years and have always known we needed a website for customers to view our work, but being a typical builder I resisted this for years. Not knowing where to start, what to include and how much it would cost, this was always something we were going to do soon!

Meeting Annette was a godsend. She understands builders and their lack of any technical knowledge. Annette worked with me and our office staff to extract all the information and photos needed. From this she has produced an amazing, beautiful showcase of our work. The website is also a wonderful, helpful tool for customers who are beginning their renovation journey. We can now direct potential customers to a site that is both professional and helpful.

Annette was incredibly patient dealing with me – I’m very untechnical and very busy doing what I love best - building. She managed to deliver everything on time and on budget and has provided easy to understand training and support.

We couldn’t be happier with the site that Annette has produced, it is professional, polished, easy to navigate and we are very proud to share it with our clients.

Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson

RMW Built