Why You Need a Digital Marketing EcoSystem

Why You Need a Digital Marketing EcoSystem

Digital Marketing Ecosystem – what on earth . . .  sounds a bit green or new age doesn’t it?

If you’re serious about promoting your business online – there’s a lot more to it than just building a website.  You need a complete system around it, or it won’t work.  Your website will just be one of over a billion websites sitting up there in cloudland waiting to be discovered.  Just because you have “launched” it – doesn’t mean people will find it.  And if they do, it doesn’t mean they’ll contact you or buy something, or come back again.

That’s why the term “Digital Marketing Ecosystem” was coined and has become yet another “buzz phrase” that we should all understand.

Generally when you see the word ecosystem, you think of the general definition:

"a community of organisms (marine or terrestrial)
together with their physical environment."

For me ecosystem conjures up images of forests, plants, animals, birds, insects, soil – all living together and dependent on each other and on the sun, rain and wind to survive and keep renewing.

In a business sense an ecosystem is defined as:

"any system or network of interconnecting
and interacting parts"

So we could say that your digital marketing ecosystem is the online version of you (and your team) physically prospecting, selling, servicing and managing your customers.

Seven Essential Components of your Digital Marketing Ecosystem

Why You Need a Digital Marketing EcoSystem

1. A Well Planned Digital Strategy

Without a documented strategy that aligns with your goals, you’ll end up floundering around spending time and money on digital marketing that may or may not work.  You need to define your ideal customers, the method in which you will find prospects and exactly how they will get to know, like and trust you, what you will offer them, what your goals are and how you will measure ROI .

2. A GOOD Website

The central component of your digital marketing ecosystem is your website.  It’s like your digital shopfront or office – where people come to find out about you and your products and services. It needs to be a lot more than an online brochure.  It needs to speak to website visitors in their terms, show that you understand their needs, can provide what they need, and prove it.  Your website is not about you – it’s about them.

It also needs to be appealing to peruse, provide a lot of value, be easy to view and navigate on any device, and entice people to take the next step.

This means working out

  • what kind of information your prospects want to find on your site
  • how you are going to capture their attention and keep them interested
  • what kind of action you want them to take
  • and what you are going to do next once they’ve taken that action
  • how you are going to entice people back to your site

3. A Professional Email System

The reason your ecosystem needs a professional email marketing is simple:  it’s one of the most effective ways for building a relationship with prospects and customers.

The key to effective email marketing is to send out personalised one-on-one messages that do not look like mass emails.  To do this, you need an email marketing system - not Outlook or Gmail or Hotmail.

  1. You can set up automated personalised email campaigns to earn trust and sales from prospects.
  2. You can send regular newsletters and offers out to your prospects and customers to keep your business brand top of mind, provide ongoing value through helpful tips, and promote other products and special offers.
  3. You can even setup automated campaigns to cement relationships with customers, get reviews and testimonials, to ask for referrals and to stimulate repeat business

The Other Four Blueprint Components

We have four further essential components that you need in your digital marketing ecosystem to make it complete.

Download our free Blueprint to get the full details of each component.  Print it out and check off what you already have. This will help you focus your efforts on the parts you are missing. Depending on your business type you may not need all of them, but you will need at least 80%.

Why You Need a Digital Marketing EcoSystem

Digital marketing can be confusing and complicated if you don’t have a plan.

This blueprint shows you the whole ecosystem, how it all works together and what you need to have in place for your digital marketing to start delivering the results you want.

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