New .au Domain – Advantages and Potential Issues for Businesses

cheap australian domains

Here’s the good news if you’re after cheap Australian domains! A new domain type will become available for anyone with an “Australian Presence” – from about October 2022. Called a 2nd level domain – the new .au extension not only makes Australian domains four characters shorter (by removing the .com part) – but they will…

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Are You Marketing Your Services to the Right People?

Target Market

Can you honestly answer this question – “who is your target market”? If you’re a plumber – you could say “anyone who owns a house” If you’re a real estate agent –you’d probably answer “anyone selling their house” If you’re an accountant – you might say “anyone with a job or a business” If you’re…

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Why 1300 Numbers Are Worth It

1300 Numbers

1300 numbers are popular among both large and small businesses, and account for well over half of auctioned numbers in Australia since 2004. Over time, your 1300 number could be a crucial aspect of your business’s branding and marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at the major benefits of 1300 numbers, so you can see…

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