Qld Businesses – Boost Your Online Marketing with a $5k Business Basics Grant

business basics grant

The Queensland Government’s Business Basics Grants Program is an exciting opportunity for you to transform your online marketing assets and digital marketing.

Whether you’re looking for a tailored marketing strategy, a new website, or business coaching, this is your chance to have it funded.

What is the Business Basics Grant Program?

Let’s start with the basics. The Queensland Government launched the Business Basics Grants Program to support and stimulate the business sector by increasing small business capability with a fixed grant of $5,000 (GST exclusive). The Grants Program fund activities in any one of five core priorities:

Training and coaching

  • Business development, marketing, human resources or business planning topics
  • Training or coaching of up to 4 months in duration

Website build/upgrades

  • Website build or upgrade (including website refresh) but excluding website hosting or maintenance of existing digital technologies
  • Adding e-commerce
  • Developing new website content

Professional business advice

  • Business plans

Strategic marketing advice

  • Strategic marketing plans including search engine optimisation advice

Business continuity and succession

  • Business continuity and succession plans
  • Cybersafety and security training and tools

Is my business eligible to apply?

There are a number of eligibility criteria, with the main ones being that you must fall under the definition of a small business

  • fewer than 20 employees
  • have an ABN
  • registered for GST
  • will not exceed $300k in revenue this financial year
  • have a Qld headquarters
  • and not have been approved for funding in a previous round (this is Round 3).

To find out more about the criteria, check out the Business Basics Grants Guidelines.

Why is this important for my business?

This Grant offers an amazing opportunity to secure funding to launch your business to the next level. If you’ve been looking for the chance to:

  • Increase your online presence with a new website to promote your services or sell your products
  • Improve your online visibility through a strategic SEO Plan that helps your website get found in search engines for all the right keyword searches
  • Grow your customer base by getting help with planning and developing digital marketing campaigns which will be most appropriate to find and engage with your ideal customers, in your market sector.

Then this is an opportunity not to be missed.

How can I use the Business Basics Grant to build my business?

Having an engaging and professional online presence is absolutely essential these days.

And with the Business Basics Grants Program, that’s well within your reach if you meet the eligibility criteria.  There are two specific ways in which we can help you best utilise this funding.

1.    Build a beautiful, hard working website

A website isn’t a simple matter of quickly creating a few pages that tell people what services you offer or products you sell.

The businesses who achieve online success are those that engage a professional marketing agency to ensure that all three of the important website fundamentals are properly considered and developed.

The three fundamentals of a successful website are content, design and functionality.  Most web developers focus on the functionality, whilst web designers focus on the design.  As marketers, we focus on all three, and believe that the content is the most important element.

Put simply a successful website must:

  • Provide engaging content that is thoughtful, emotional, reflects the concerns and of your ideal customers and inspires action.
  • Be pleasing to the eye with relevant images and graphics, easy to read fonts, and variety in the way key points are presented, without great swathes of text.
  • Deliver a great customer experience on any device – from arrival right through to placing an enquiry or purchasing online.
  • Be quick to load, and easy for people to navigate and take action.
  • Pass WC3 compliance for coding and structure and to facilitate various system updates.
  • Be correctly optimised for Search Engines.
  • Contain updated security measures to deter hackers and spammers.
  • Have the right tracking codes in place to give you insights into visitor sources and behaviours and conversions, and facilitate marketing planning.

2.      Create a powerful digital marketing strategy and plan

A powerful digital marketing strategy starts with an in-depth clarity session designed to investigate and clearly define:

  • Your business branding and benefits
  • Exactly who your ideal clients are, and what their specific needs, wants, fears and frustrations are
  • Who your main competitors are locally and online, and your comparative strengths and weaknesses
  • The market gaps and opportunities that exist that you can capitalise on

This helps us to then develop a tailored strategy that maps the customer journey – from finding your ideal clients through to converting them into loyal customers who provide outstanding reviews and referrals.

It also includes planning specific tactics including:

  • Planning out the marketing funnel from attraction through to conversion
  • Crafting effective messaging to capture attention, and offers that inspire people to take action
  • Identifying the most appropriate media to reach your ideal customers
  • Detailing the tracking and measuring of each stage to facilitate ROI reporting
  • Training and coaching to help you and your team understand every element

How we can help you

Round 3 of the Business Basics Grants Program opens on 4 May, 2022 at 9am.

Based on our experience with previous rounds, there will probably be a large number of applications lodged on day 1, which means there may be a very brief window of opportunity for you to get your application in.

To be considered for the Business Basics Grants Program, you’ll need a robust and well-prepared quote to support your application, which we’re ready to provide.

Choose your supplier carefully

We suggest you review the Qld Govt's guidelines on choosing a supplier.

As a stable and reputable Queensland based marketing company with over 30 years’ experience in designing and managing websites and marketing campaigns that achieve extraordinary results, we truly understand what to do, and have the runs on the board to prove it.

We’ve previously helped several clients successfully leverage this opportunity, and we’d love to help more Qld businesses achieve the growth they aspire to. We understand the process, as well as the eligibility criteria, conditions and restrictions, and can advise you on how a Grant can best support your business.

And even better, we’re offering our Grant assistance services free of charge to the first 3 businesses that get in touch with us for a quote and help with applying.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to secure a Govt Grant to help build your business.

Simply click on the button and send us your details and we’ll be in touch to discuss your Business Basics Grants Program application, asap.

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