Post Prepress Group

Our website is now a wonderful showcase of our work

Leading Australian professional typesetters, Post Pre-Press Group, contacted Commonsense Marketing for a complete branding refresh, digital upgrade and marketing plan.

Their old website was basic in content and design, and needed a total upgrade to not only showcase many of the beautiful books and publications they had produced, but to also educate publishing houses and corporate organisations on the difference between desktop publishing and professional typesetting.

We worked closely with the team on the following projects:

  • A logo and branding upgrade
  • A brand new website which accurately reflects the quality of their typesetting services and showcases many of the beautiful best sellers they have worked on
  • A new corporate publications brochure
  • A social media and email branding upgrade, and content strategy

Logo update

Post Prepress Group

Old Logo

Post Prepress Group

New Logo

New corporate brochure

Post Prepress Group

New Facebook video cover

Post Prepress

Click the button to visit the Post Prepress Group website and check out their beautiful products.

Our website was tired, outdated and was not an accurate representation of the professional work we do. Updating it was something I always put in the too hard basket, ‘I didn’t have time to write content’, ‘It would cost too much’…

Working with Annette and her team at Commonsense Marketing took away all these problems and many more that I didn’t know I had. Extracting the information needed in fun, easy sessions, Annette was able to write wonderful content that explains exactly what we do. We are a niche, not very glamorous industry and Annette managed to work her magic.

There were no hidden costs; Annette delivered both on time and on budget. She was an absolute delight to work with. She has produced a website that is content rich, beautiful, a wonderful showcase of our work that is professional and stylish. It is now a site I am very proud to share.

I’ve also been busy implementing all the marketing strategies she helped us formulate, which are working well, and of course make total common sense.

Ann Wilson

CEO, Post Pre-Press Group