Using Video to Promote Your Business

Using Video to Promote Your BusinessOnline video has fast become an essential online element – particularly when it comes to attracting people to your business and sending them to your website.

Why Should You Create a Video to Promote Your Business?

Let’s cut to the chase here: you should promote your business with a video because your customers watch videos. Simple as that.And here’s proof:

  • On average, Australians visit YouTube 11 times per month or more.
  • Every month, 11 million+ unique Australian viewers visit YouTube.
  • Studies suggest that people are up to 400% more likely to inquire about a service with an associated video.

So, what makes a great video, and what should you avoid?

4 Ways to Use Video to Promote Your Business

  1. Be Helpful and Provide Value
  • Consider what the customer will get out of watching your video. Perhaps you can show them simple tips of things they can do themselves and provide advice on what they should leave to a professional (‘How To’ videos are a great option for trade businesses).
  • Demonstrate how you’ve helped other customers (with a short compelling case study).
  • Announce a special offer

If your video provides value, your viewers may share it with others.

  1. Introduce Your Team
  • People buy people – not businesses. A video is the next best thing to meeting them personally.
  • Introducing yourself and your team members can help build trust. They can see your personality and get a feel for your passion and commitment to being helpful. This is a great way to also differentiate you from your competitors.
  1. Bring testimonials to life
  • If you’re with a happy customer who’s delighted with your product or service, ask their permission and whip out your phone and film them. That way potential customers know your testimonials are 100% legitimate.
  1. Share your video
  • Post it on Youtube and your social media pages and encourage engagement.
  • Put it on your website. Did you know that having a video on your website (optimised for popular, relevant keywords) can significantly increase the likelihood of getting on page 1 of Google search results?

6 Tips on Creating Videos

  1. Don’t make it an ad
  • Avoid talking too much about the services you offer or the features of your product. Instead talk about how your products or services have solved a common problem or improved the life of your customers.
  1. Don’t cram too much in
  • Don’t try to cram every product and service your business offers into a 1-minute video. It’s overwhelming. Choose just one service or product to focus on and have one main message and one call to action.
  1. Focus on audio quality
  • If your customers can’t hear the audio clearly, your video is useless. Make sure there’s little, if any, background noise. Use a plugin mike if you’re not confident with audio quality.
  1. Avoid lots of static images
  • Movement will keep viewers alert and engaged. A person standing still talking to camera can be boring. Pan, change distance, use props, get it edited later to include screenshots of products or short inserts of other videos which demonstrate what you are talking about.
  1. Always have a call to action
  • Tell your viewers what to do next. Direct them your website or a landing page to get something for free, or ask them to call you.
  1. Optimise
  • Always optimize the heading, keywords and description when uploading to Youtube to improve the chances of your video being found and help viewers understand what it’s about and what action to take next.

Take Action Now

Short, compelling videos are the best substitute for a face to face meeting. So get started, get creating and see what happens!

If you’re interested in creating a video for your business, but don’t have the time or skills to do it yourself, we may be able to help you out. We offer video editing services and animated video creation services. Give us a call on 1300 554 495, or send us an email.

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